Why have I not thought about it before is what I keep asking myself? I was an in person nanny, and that’s what I kept talking about whenever people would ask. Talking to so many people, everyone was confused about me and what I do/did. I provide online programing for kids and adults…why is that a hard concept? Explaining it over and over helped me finally narrow it down and after so many trial and errors, I figured out my tagline and oh how amazing it is! Once it clicks, it’s set! I’m really happy with it because it is who I am. I don’t have to explain anymore because it’s direct, succinct and perfectly describes me. Why hide behind the nanny label when I should be embracing it. Why beat around the bush when the word nanny means so much.

As a nanny, I played with the kids, gave my all and basically treated them as my own. I offered advice, and was there for families through thick and thin. This is what I can do online as well and I can’t wait. I can’t wait for everyone to know who I am, and what I do. The purpose of my YouTube videos is to understand my character and what I aim to do in bringing the fun and interaction back to screen time.

Many parents feel guilty about it especially during the pandemic, but with my offerings, there are chances to get social with others their own age or the one on one attention they need. Parents get a chance to have a break or join a program themself and talk about non child topics unless they just needed to vent among others going through the same thing.

Some parents just want 30 minutes to shower, cook, help a homeschooler or have a break. No need to bring an unknown person into the house for those minimum hours when it isn’t necessary.

This is all still new for me so please be patient as I perfect what I know and how to deliver it to the masses. I can’t wait to get started!


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