About Me

Hi, I’m Leslie or AKA Miss Leslie


I am your virtual nanny, I was a nanny in person and now I am bringing back the fun…online. Whether you want a few minutes of alone time or more than that, I’m here for your kids and for you! I graduated in 2009 from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada with high honours from Early Childhood Education. It feels like it’s been much longer, but what it means is – I have had over a decade of experience with kids! Since then, I’ve worked in daycares, went back to school for a bit of business education, but then settled into nannying.

When I started as a nanny, my path was uncertain but then what turned into a part time occasional gig just continued on until the pandemic. All my clients have been word of mouth and with each of them, I’ve watched their kids grow between 1 and 3 years! I was there for their first steps, first words, first potty time and gained so much knowledge as an educator in a group of 30 to one on one.

Now, I’m ready for something new and share what I know – and what I know are kids – to the world instead of just the families I’ve been with for the past decade. They’re growing without me, but while I was with them, I always treated them like my own and know how to have fun with them! Now, I get to do it all online!

I also want to enjoy adult topics, have an adult conversation and socialize. My focus will be to provide opportunities for parents, kids and families to discuss something new, have some “me” time and for kids to interact and have fun with others – the virtual way. I know that there is a huge emphasis on mental health these days especially pertaining to kids. I want to help them express themselves, sharing their thoughts and emotions can help them feel good about themselves. They will be able to develop skills such as compassion, communication, leadership, respect and care, that can be used later in life

I’m Miss Leslie and I’m your virtual nanny bringing the fun to interactive screen time!

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Come join me online for kids of all ages and adults! Can't wait to see you there!