Who is Miss Leslie and what is a virtual nanny?

Miss Leslie is Leslie Kao. An ECE, a nanny and now, a virtual nanny offering parents the time they need to do something else without breaking the bank or bringing someone unknown into the house for a few unnecessary hours. She will occupy your child(ren) with interactive screen time so they’re not just watching a device but they’re engaging and and socializing with others. Not just staring at a screen but getting up to move and building social and conversational skills.

Where are you located?

Miss Leslie is located in Ontario, Canada so all times are in EST and prices are in CAD

How does this work? I don’t see any classes.

As everything is still new and you see a class in the class description page, missleslie.ca/class-description, all you have to do is email hello@missleslie.ca with the class you want, the number of participants and the times and days that work best for you. You will be notified when the class is listed on the shop page and a coupon code to send to friends and families with kids who may want to join.

When are classes?

At this time, classes will be held Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. Classes outside those days and hours are subject to availability at a slightly higher cost. Class times may vary in length of time as well.

How many participants in a class?

It depends on the age range and type. For 6 and younger, you can expect up to 6 participants. For 7-11 year olds, you can expect up to 8 participants. For 12 and up including adult ones, you can expect up to 10 participants. Semi private classes are half the size and private ones are per family. Sizes can change at any time to maximize the quality of the socialization.

How do I sign up more than one child?

You will have to purchase more classes per child as it does affect the quality of the class regardless of screens and socialization level. Either an additional screen for one on ones or more than one quantity for the class.

What is your refund policy?

You must email hello@missleslie.ca 24 hours prior to the the start of the class in order to get a full refund. Program purchases can be transferred or exchanged if an emergency occurs and you are unable to attend the class. Reschedules can be requested up to 12 hours after the missed program. For more information, please visit https://missleslie.ca/refund-policy/ as certain conditions apply.

How long are the classes?

The length of class can be found on the class descriptions page or shop page when the classes are up.

I don’t know if my child can sit through the whole class.

Your first class is free for you to try so you can see what their attention span is like.

Why are circle times for toddlers so short?

A toddler’s attention span can vary. Times may be adjusted during circle time session to session. Also, as toddlers and infants aren’t encouraged to sit in front of a screen for too long, their programs will always be less than 20 minutes in length.

I want to try a circle time with my infant?

Absolutely! Feel free to check out the class and join in the songs with us!

My child loved a class, can it be longer?

For now, all classes except for the one on ones are 40 minutes or less until further notice.

My child didn’t like a class, can I get a refund?

If you attended a class that was unsatisfactory, refunds will not be possible. Please trial a class purchasing any of them and email hello@missleslie.ca to share your feedback.

There are a lot of classes I’d like my child(ren) to try but I don’t know if they’ll be interested.

Feel free to try one you are interested in and if you would still like to try more, please email hello@missleslie.ca if you’re still unsure.

My child is outside the age range for a class they want to try.

Feel free to enroll them and see if it works as the age ranges are merely suggestions. However, if your child’s age is that far from the recommended age range, please email hello@missleslie.ca.

Will a general class run if the class isn’t full?

Currently yes, but in the future, unless the class has half the amount, the class will be cancelled. You can request a full refund or you can switch to another class.

We missed a class, is there a pre-recorded version we can watch?

For security purposes, even though classes may be recorded, they won’t be accessible by participants especially the ones with kids. However, some adult ones may be accessible but the reason for the classes is to socialize and enjoy live. Please do your best to attend the one you purchased. A reminder will be sent out before the class.

Are classes recorded?

Classes may be recorded in case anything happens during the class. This protects Miss Leslie and all participants. The videos will not be used for any purposes and will mainly be kept for liability purposes especially since my programs don’t require supervision.

My child really enjoyed a class, when will it run again?

At this time, classes will vary week to week so until a class gains popularity, make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter to be kept up to date about the schedule. If a particular class was thoroughly enjoyed by a participant, please leave a review. You are also welcome to send the request to hello@missleslie.ca with your preferred time and dates.

How do I gift a class?

You can purchase a class and email hello@missleslie.ca to notify Miss Leslie that your purchase was a gift and you’re transferring it to someone else. You will receive a code for the ‘free’ class that you can send to the recipient to use when they purchase the clas.

I want to purchase more classes at a time, are there any packages?

Packages are being considered and may be sold in the near future. Please feel free to email hello@missleslie.ca with your thoughts about preference: memberships, subscriptions, or single class packages.

How can I trust you to be with my kids online?

Miss Leslie, has over 10 years experience with kids in daycares and as a nanny, all of my clients have been word of mouth and with Nannies on Call in good standing. She certified in CPR and First Aid and have a vulnerable police check that is updated every 2 years. As well, all classes are recorded for safety reasons so if any issues arise, they will be used in those cases.

A note about muting: No participant will be muted unless it is an extreme circumstance. Such as: the participant is no longer listening and disrupting the class; bullying has occurred; an argument has broken out…etc. As each class is small, to maintain interaction, all participants must be ready to respect the speaker regardless of who that may be. A participant may be spotlit and when that time comes, it is up to the participant themselves to mute themselves or listen to the speaker quietly. If a participant is unable to mute themselves, Miss Leslie may do so with a warning. If a participant can no longer participate for whatever reason, they will be removed from the class. By registering for the class, participants agree to a zero tolerance policy of bullying or disrupting the class in an inappropriate manner laid out in the code of conduct. No refund will be issued if the participant has been removed.

Do you offer adult classes or anything outside of discussion groups?

Yes, I do! Check out the shop or request a program today. The programs offered for any participant is meant to provide more of a social opportunity where it’s more about encouraging participation rather than listening to what is being said and taught to others.

I still have more questions.

Please email hello@missleslie.ca for any and all questions that you have not listed in the FAQ. Thanks.