My first post ever! So excited to be here as Miss Leslie. From my YouTube channel to this website, there has been so much in the air. Everything has been one thing after another.

From the end of my nannying job when the pandemic arrived, I took time off for the first time in a long time but an opportunity to host sessions online arose and for the first time ever, started working online. It was new to me and adjusting to working with kids online was a change but still fun even though I missed my own kids.

I was quick to adapt and quickly came up with my own ideas for programs with the startup that went really well. However, due too conflicts of interest, I lost focus and enthusiasm when I no longer felt appreciated. Having put so much time and energy into it, I stopped believing in it. What I loved doing was the interaction with kids and I no longer did it. I stopped enjoying it so I looked elsewhere to do my own programs again. Another change was in the process but even that had it’s limitations.

What I needed, something that was on my mind for the longest time, was a chance to give back to the world. I had my own initiatives, my own ideas and I wanted to launch myself years ago, but was too busy. Now, I’m here and ready to move forward with everything I know I’m able to offer. My own business. My own brand. This is Miss Leslie.


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