Who am I?

I am Miss Leslie – Nanny extraordinare, Childcare expert!

What am I doing with this New channel?

Cooking and baking!


Because I love to experiment when it comes to cooking and baking. Many times, I don’t have the time to make things perfectly or follow recipes. I get inspired by one ingredient and go from there. I rarely measure ingredients out because that means another spoon or utensil, filling up a sink or dishwasher and if I’m not in my own house, I don’t know what they have or where it is. It also means using too much sugar, salt or oil and I don’t want to feed excessive amounts of that to kids.

Feeding kids is extremely challenging. Not only do I not have the time, but I don’t need the time. Kids decide in seconds if they want to eat it or not. I haven’t had too many fussy kids who refused food but it’s all about putting in the effort where it’s needed. It takes strategy and over trying. You may be the only one eating the food which is totally fine. Just make sure it’s edible. Edible being the key word.

Get them involved in the process. Kids take pride in what they do, how it tastes and the final product. It doesn’t matter for the most part how it tastes but they learn. I always ask myself, what’s the worst that can happen? As long as you’re ok with throwing something out, there’s always ways to make things edible.

I once made really dry cornbread and it was just not good. I went online and found a cornbread bread pudding recipe. Used that for inspiration and still remember how delicious it was. This was years ago and want to make it again but of course I’ll never be able to replicate a recipe because while I write down recipes I find, I never follow them exactly.

When it comes to kids, never set your expectations too high. It’s all about learning and why not get them to love cooking and baking while you’re there.

I once accidentally added too much baking power or soda, can’t remember which one for 2 loaves of keto friendly coconut loaf. OMG! That turned out terrible! Threw them both out. Moved on and made some amazing ones after that. Still didn’t really measure anything but learned from that lesson.

I’m making many of the recipes for the first time so I never know how they’ll turn out. If I can make it, anyone can! Even if I follow it more or less, the questions about if I’ll make it again, I’ll give an honest review. Sometimes, I might do two or three more takes just to make it but I’m not about practicing the recipe until it’s picture perfect just like the original recipe.

I don’t know how many times the people on YouTube, Tik Tok, Pinterest or Instagram make the food until they made it perfect for filming. Maybe they got it the first time around, maybe they’re pros at it. I am not that lucky nor do I have the luxury of hours on end just to make one thing. I am not going to throw any of it out. If it doesn’t work, I’m going to take my time eating it before I make it again.

For these videos, it’ll just be food for me and my packed fridge so while I have so many things I want to make, I don’t have the capacity to make it. None of it will be thrown out or wasted though unless it’s completely inedible or gone bad.

Especially with the shortcuts I take not measuring a single ingredient. I am not afraid to show my fails because this is all real. It’s honest and for real families who aren’t professional chefs or cooks with hours to slice dice and bake. Kids scream, whine, fight, cry, run around doing who knows what! They’re meant for real life.

I’ve burnt plenty of pots and pans because of forgetfulness, a kid woke up early from a nap, had to change a diaper, so many reasons. I’ve always had a ear and eye out because I never know when that time to cook will be up. On cooking shows, even though the cooks or chefs are rushed, they know how long they have with the clock on the wall. But when you’re cooking for kids or with them around, that timer is unknown. Always thinking about time in the back of your mind. Does nobody else feel rushed when cooking or other things on their mind?

That being said, I can’t slice, mince, dice, julienne or anything if I’m being completely honest. I cut whichever which way. I’m in a rush. Have to keep things simple. I don’t care at the end of the day how it looks. I just need the kids to eat it before I go to plan B – they’re go to food whatever that may be. Try everything once but if it’s edible, I’ll eat it, if it’s good, parents will.

I once had a family tell me to stop cooking because the mom couldn’t fit into her clothes. That’s how much I loved to cook and bake. An idea, meal everyday. It lasted awhile because it just meant a quick reheat and no cooking prep that day.

After all the cooking and baking I’ve done, my only criteria is that it’s edible. Too little seasoning, add it after. I modify everything. Even though I’m following a recipe, it’s freeing to be able to put in what I want and how much…not really the point of cooking an

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian and substitute meat products for another type of protein, why can’t you do it for something else? Why can’t we use other vegetables or items instead? Are there always mandatory or necessary ingredients? For one, I honestly don’t like using fresh herbs. To get a few branches or leaves of coriander, basil, or dill, you have to purchase a huge bunch. Will I make the recipe again? Probably not for awhile if I’m not a fan. What in the world do you do? Dry it out? In the oven takes a lot of time, gas and/or electricity. It also takes away the freshness so already dry herbs would already do the trick. What is the point? Unless I’m eating it every day with the food, everything goes bad.


I’m not a fan of eating the same food over and over.

I ate Balkan yogurt with homemade granola and fruit for a year until recently. I’ve done that which is why I’m always about making new and trying new things. I made a b├ęchamel lasagna because I wasn’t a fan of tomato sauce but omg, so rich and greasy. I don’t think I’ll be making it for awhile…for myself anyway.

You have to be able to eat it or want to when you’re cooking for kids. Or at least someone in the house because then it will be wasteful. Don’t get premium cuts of meat if your child refuses to eat it and you’re not a fan of it. Go for organic and natural/free range if you must but at the end of the day, you might be throwing hundreds of dollars of food away because no one else is eating it.

Kids are incredibly unpredictable. You never know what or when they’re going to eat from one meal to the next. They may love one food one day and then refuse it the next. I’ve had many kids do that. They will eat cheese and eggs one day and then just stop eating it. Unless your child will always eat something, it’s hard to count on a food item you can always feed your kids. Like me, they get tired of food. You may think there’s no way they’ll stop eating _____ because they love it so much. But, there may be a day when they’ll just stop. No reason…just randomly and out of the blue not want it anymore.

Don’t be afraid to feed them different things. Unless they have severe allergies that your pediatrician or doctor says to not feed your child, let them try anything and everything. What’s the worst that can happen.

I don’t have a dutch oven, it takes up too much space, it’s expensive and I’m not going to use it often. Would I buy it? Not sure. But before I do, I would always find ways around it. There are always solutions but will it work out? That is the main question.

I always use what they have and make do with it. Never asking them to get one ingredient the family doesn’t use or know. I don’t like wasting food or throwing anything out.

With my videos, I want to show how you can get your kids involved. That fails can happen and it’s ok. Learn how to cut corners and not have to deliberately buy a bunch of one item for a recipe that you or your family might not enjoy. That modifications and alternatives are always possible. Experiment with it. Teach your kids – it’s a science experiment. Don’t be afraid of letting them contribute because your expectation should just answer the question is it edible? What’s the worst that can happen?

These ideas are meant for real life, one takes good or bad unless I love the recipe and just want to show it but I know distractions and what it means with kids around. Cooking with a schedule in mind and not wanting to throw away food, especially in this economy when I’m not a professional and can make things perfect the first time around with all the appliances and tools necessary. I’m a real person and real nanny.


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