Single Class with Miss Leslie


Single class purchase for one participant. Class size will be up to 10 participants and last 20-40 minutes depending on the age of the participant.

All times are in EST. Classes will be held between 9 am EST and 5 pm EST Monday to Friday. For hours outside of them, please note that prices will have a slight increase and select the appropriate one.


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For single class purchases with up to 10 participants in a class. After purchase, you will be sent an email from regarding the program you’re interested in and more information to follow.

To see the types of programs available – click here

For 1 participant and one screen. For 2 participants or more on one screen, you must purchase accordingly as the cost is not per screen but per participant as this affects the quality of the program especially if it’s full.

Level of engagement: Okay

All class times will be scheduled in Eastern Standard Times (EST).

These are predetermined class sizes up to 10 participants and duration of 20-40 minutes depending on the participant’s age.

Except for the weekday class defined by 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday: Weekends are considered Saturday and Sunday, Evenings are after 5 pm EST and early mornings are between 6 am and 8:30 am EST.

The price is per child over 3.5 years of age – Not per screen as this affects the quality of the class. If you have more than one participant joining a class for kids over 4, you must purchase the equivalent amount as the participants attending.

Consider a private party or one on one if you want multiple aged participants joining in one class.


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Early Morning, Evening Class, Weekday Class, Weekend Class

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